Nachtbrakers about TINI installation

On the July 6-10 2016 my installation TINI was presented during the graduation show at Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The installation was included into a review by Nachtbrakers.

"In een volgend lokaal worden we door een gangetje geleid, waar op de muur staat “Use your mobile flashlight.” We belanden in een ruimte waar het behalve de lichtstralen van telefoons pikdonker is. De lichten schijnen op tweedimensionale afbeeldingen van metaaldraad die aan het plafond hangen. De afbeeldingen zijn alledaagse dingen als een naaimachine, een roer en een typemachine. De lichtbakens werpen uitvergrote, soms vervormde, maar haarscherpe schaduwen van de afbeeldingen op de muur."


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100 DAYS FOR EXPERIOLATION. DAY N. Bring to light.

In my non-stop hunting for something new and adorable, more than just updated, something that triggers me to make special things that have been never seen before, I decided to stop for a while just to have a look back into the roots.

I’ve been to some dusty archives before, but I never felt any special sympathy to any of those antiques. I always thought that our daily lives go so fast that there is no reason to look back, since everything you are looking for is only in front of you and never behind.

However, researching means digging deeper. And how impressed I was while  holding super old anatomy and medical books in my hands with all those etchings and gravures, detailed and somehow really hilarious drawings. Such a fantasy is realized in the illustrations. 

And Fabritius, of course, he is just great. Good to recognize more than just his ‘Goldfinch'. 

At De Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam

Exhibition at Ladislav Sutnar Gallery, Pilsen.

On the 25th of November 2015 the exhibition opening took place  during Photography symposium in Pilsen (Czech Republic). The Symposium is an annual event organized by the Photography department of the University of West Bohemia. This year the Symposium was dedicated to 'Photography and Society'. Invited photographers presented their selected works at the Ladislav Sutnar Gallery. 

'MY FRIEND IS A SNIPER' by Kateryna Snizhko.   

'MY FRIEND IS A SNIPER' by Kateryna Snizhko. 




100 days for Experiolation. Day N. Horse boarding.

An incredible and way more than unusual event held last weekend  Horse Boarding Cup at Ijmuiden Beach Inn.  Being a fan of all the sports with boards we wouldn't miss it. I didn't know who got an idea to ride horses with wakeboarders behind, but it looked totally great. And the sunset was amazing that day. 


What should I say, if you're looking for inspiration - check all the weirdest events near by and don't worry on time you spend to get there, cause it definitely worth to do. 

100 days for Experiolation. Day N. Hidden in darkness.

While the night was touching my heels, I was shooting  in a dark park. Maybe it's too romantic to take pictures of trees but who cares?! 

In fact it's quite uncomfortable and insecure to shoot something in the night parks. At least the sky was perfect, either the light.

This series should be followed by a poem of unknown writer probably. Feel free to add it yourself. 

100 days for Experiolation. Day N. Kickboxing star.

My inspiration' search led me to some physical exercises I had never tried. There is a theory : as soon as you start to do something new - you activate your brain resources. This is how I began to attend the kickboxing classes. I have just realized there is a lot of sexuality in this harsh sport. Just have a look at my collection. 

100 days for Experiolation. Day N. Lunch among dead people.

Amazing things are just around the corner. That was one of those days when you can find yourself sitting in a place such as Cemetery brasserie .  And of course they have their Facebook page followed by 202 users. 

That's a special place, they have a terrace with a view on the graveyard.  I started search for similar places in the world and here are some interesting ones. 

Here's the weirdest on - New Lucky Restaurant in India.


My research revealed that death cafes become a trend. There is an awesome  Death Cafe search resource with a map of all known cafes on cemeteries allover the world. that's quite funny but they also have death cafe art gallery. It contains really strange images that I would never consider as art. 

100 days for Experiolation. Day N. Getting closer to my microbes.

I have recently discovered that there are some hidden weird museums in Amsterdam. As I am definitely not a fan of classical collections of painting or sculptures I keep trying to get into unusual places. One of those is Micropia (Plantage area). 

Funny thing about it is that you start to be more aware of what you touch, eat and use. The feeling of dirtiness comes to your reality of course. But also there is a pure beauty in what you see. I was so amazed. 

Conclusion: being interested in sciences dealing with microscopic machinery, I am more and more convinced that science world is full of art aspects that should be explored and widely used. 


It's been more than 3 years since my friend gave me a pack of sunography paper. You can place leaves or objects on it or even a negative to get an image. But for me it seemed to boring. I didn't really have any ideas on what to do with that until I wanted to catch a rain. I know, that even during a cloudy day there is UV, so photography process with photosensitive materials is possible.
My sunography material was unexpectedly overexposed. However I catched the rain in a different way that day.


It's good to look at precipitations as there is a kind of materiality in it. There is always a material for you to work with. 

100 DAYS FOR EXPERIOLATION. DAY N. Forgotten innovations.

I'm amazed how fast new inventions can blow our minds and disappear immediately in our daily speed racing. I didn't do something special today except floating in a network while reading on Doppler effect. Here's a video I found. It contains numerous inventions that can inspire you in a few minutes. I love innovations, even if they are already forgotten since they appeared in 2012. 

100 days for Experiolation. Day N. Sail Amsterdam 2015

Since everything was going on around one single event for 5 days in a row, I used a possibility to experiment with shooting options there. Amsterdam's Ij was full of boats and tall ships. It looked impressive and challenging at the same time. To check spots I used the simplest 50mm lens.  


My first try was to shoot from a boat being on a water. Quite shaking, quite dark. But I also had a perfect point of view. 

The next day I had an extra long lens experience. Now I definitely know what does 150-600mm mean. 

Shooting from a crane was also included into my agenda. A shaky position was accompanied by other people in front of me and foggy horizon. It was a short few minute's experience. 

and of course fireworks. The last one I made really far from the spot (Amsterdam Noord) with 70-200mm. 

100 days for Experiolation. Day N. The plastic myths.

From old cameras to plastic ones. My intention was to see from the inside how the mechanism works. And the final visual result was not that important. I took the smallest screwdriver and started to play a role of camera maker. 

But thanks to a packager after 1,5 hrs I failed. They mixed up a tiny detail that didn't fit after all. Oh well, at list I read an instruction. 

Let's say it was a good try to get inspired by doing something with my hands. Checked. 

100 days for Experiolation. Day N. Old school

Being surrounded by digital devices I more and more think of analogue options for photography. There is no nostalgia I just adore a process and feeling of waiting for your result. Its good to have some nature in your viewfinder to shoot b&w infrared. So here my tips for doing something different  - Amsterdam Hortus Botanicus and old cool Mamiya RZ67.  Here's a sneak preview to what I got. 

What's good about it: botanical garden is full of smells. That's probably the most inspiring thing about it. While setting up a camera you have enough time to explore the place, to feel  and smell it. Wouldn't work with a digital camera for me. 

100 days for Experiolation. Day N. Hip Hop

Inspiration can be define as sudden creativity in artistic production. It can be influenced by everything. Wherever you go you can get it there. That explains my intentions to be in a different places watching something new. Something like Hip Hop battle during Summer Dance Forever at Paradiso. Now I got a new passion - Hip Hop. Music, movements, people and new software - After Effects. Here we go!

100 days for Experiolation. Day 2

Art has it's intimacy. When you let the process to become public you can feel insecure somehow, Anybody can stand behind you and look at what you're doing. That was my first sketching on canals in Amsterdam. Photography is much more easier I would say. And noone will look into your camera. 

Conclusion: good for observation, you can catch so many things being motionless for a few hours. 

100 days for experiolation

In fact, we lose our curiosity year by year, things become usual, nothing surprise us as it was before. In my 30's I learn less, checking weird or interesting things less, rarely expecting any changes. I am simply getting bored.

When I am losing my inspiration I have no idea what to photograph or draw, what to work on. There should be a new breath coming into my life and no one but myself is responsible for that.

Here I am starting my new experience/exploration challenge. For 100 days I will live my life differently. Each day I will do/make/see/experience/feel something new, that I have never tried before. By sharing my experience with you I will get more motivation and you could probably find something interesting for yourself out of my discoveries.

So let's kill my laziness and go! 


I don't really like museums. Since I moved to Amsterdam I didn't check all of them. For the first day I choose the one I always skipped before - Tropen museum. It's not the one you will fall in love with, but you can get a bit inspired by all those masks, small metal devices and ancient statues. My choice was a hornbill bird from Indonesian part. 

red_knobbed_hornbill_by_dkbarto-d33n29f _before.jpg

Conclusion: if there is nothing else to do - go there for a short tour. Take a sketch book with you and don't spend time for "interactive" parts. 

Gabor Osz with his work Das Fenster at On the Move, Stedelijk Museum

We have visited ‘On the Move’ exhibition at Stedelijk Museum (29 AUG 2014 - 18 JAN 2015). It has been announced like Storytelling in Contemporary Photography and Graphic Design as a part of the Proposals for Municipal Art Acquisitions that the museum organizes every two years.It worth to have a look at Gabor Osz’s work – Das Fenster. Large scale video installation separated from the main space that gives to this art piece more air and special atmosphere. The video projection visually can be scaled up to 10 x 4 m and is done by HD beamers and old-school analogue 16mm projectors mounted in a special way. Video is edited in a way that makes a sequence dividing the wall space into 10 equal rectangles with few small ones on top of big ones.

Amazing mountain landscape appears and disappears alternately in different parts of the ‘screen’. These endless changes accompanied by looped overlapped colour squares projected by old beamers create an impressive feeling of presence while observing. You always see this slightly visible movement of  shades from clouds and almost invisible  changes in paysage as it could be seen through the window. In fact, the description of the Das Fenster explains the connection between viewer’s impression and author’s intension. There is also a sense of tension because of the things that have disappeared in the long exposure time; the aesthetic of the void; the process of blurring; of changes, of space emptying out, of the landscape becoming a picture.

This horizontal landscape in blinking vertical squares resembles a technical camera format. In fact the video is based on a postwar photo of the remains of Adolf Hitler’s villa in Berghof. Õsz became fascinated by the immense, four-by-eight-meter window through which the Führer enjoyed a panoramic view of the famous Unterberg. The idea of comparing the scale of the window in Adolf Hitler’s house in Alps and puzzled parts of video work provokes questions like: how the author managed to create something special from simply boring mountain landscape? We believe this effect is achieved by a perfect combination of light and color, extended in both space and time.

Second key element of the work is a sound produced by old machinery – 16mm beamers as a part of installation. The sound so harmoniously added to the interior of the art piece that time spent in the room can be greatly expanded. Thus, the atmosphere sends the viewer to period of time connected to the subject of the work explored by artist. 

You can visit “On The Move” exhibition till 18th of January 2015. See more at: