Gabor Osz with his work Das Fenster at On the Move, Stedelijk Museum

We have visited ‘On the Move’ exhibition at Stedelijk Museum (29 AUG 2014 - 18 JAN 2015). It has been announced like Storytelling in Contemporary Photography and Graphic Design as a part of the Proposals for Municipal Art Acquisitions that the museum organizes every two years.It worth to have a look at Gabor Osz’s work – Das Fenster. Large scale video installation separated from the main space that gives to this art piece more air and special atmosphere. The video projection visually can be scaled up to 10 x 4 m and is done by HD beamers and old-school analogue 16mm projectors mounted in a special way. Video is edited in a way that makes a sequence dividing the wall space into 10 equal rectangles with few small ones on top of big ones.

Amazing mountain landscape appears and disappears alternately in different parts of the ‘screen’. These endless changes accompanied by looped overlapped colour squares projected by old beamers create an impressive feeling of presence while observing. You always see this slightly visible movement of  shades from clouds and almost invisible  changes in paysage as it could be seen through the window. In fact, the description of the Das Fenster explains the connection between viewer’s impression and author’s intension. There is also a sense of tension because of the things that have disappeared in the long exposure time; the aesthetic of the void; the process of blurring; of changes, of space emptying out, of the landscape becoming a picture.

This horizontal landscape in blinking vertical squares resembles a technical camera format. In fact the video is based on a postwar photo of the remains of Adolf Hitler’s villa in Berghof. Õsz became fascinated by the immense, four-by-eight-meter window through which the Führer enjoyed a panoramic view of the famous Unterberg. The idea of comparing the scale of the window in Adolf Hitler’s house in Alps and puzzled parts of video work provokes questions like: how the author managed to create something special from simply boring mountain landscape? We believe this effect is achieved by a perfect combination of light and color, extended in both space and time.

Second key element of the work is a sound produced by old machinery – 16mm beamers as a part of installation. The sound so harmoniously added to the interior of the art piece that time spent in the room can be greatly expanded. Thus, the atmosphere sends the viewer to period of time connected to the subject of the work explored by artist. 

You can visit “On The Move” exhibition till 18th of January 2015. See more at: 

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