Art of games

What do you see? What CAN you see? How do you look at things in general?

There was an interesting discussion in one chapter of  Steve Pinker’s The Blank Slate. Whether human senses perceive a real, external reality or whether that reality is somehow “constructed” socially or by our senses. What we perceive as “real” is sometimes distorted by our expectations or created for us by somebody else. Optical illusions are everywhere. Such illusions made of incredibly real graphics take you to another world.  

People like confusions, which triggers them to analyse and think. This is exactly the feeling you got when started a new game. Being a creation, video/digital game with its seemingly meteoric rise to widespread recognition in recent years is the product of a much longer process made up of many diverse elements.

Due to the contemporaneous improvement of graphic capabilities (and other aspects of game art design) with the trend toward recognition of games as art and the increases in video game art production and art game releases, discussions of these topics are often closely interleaved. This has led to the drawing of a number of critical distinctions between the "art game" and the various kinds of "game art".

Thousands of fans are currently playing Xbox games. There was a reason to take a simple basketball game as an example of visual confusion. In a frame of digital base the video was directed in purpose to get completely different result than game itself.

Being not a game player but definitely to play a game with available content – who is a creator this time? Undoubtedly, the reality of the game environment differs from one we live in. However, there is no proof that is going to stay like this for a long time. I assume such a possibility in few years already to be able to make a film inside a virtual reality without using a film studio as a producing factory, actors, assistants, art department etc. An amazing way from drawn animation to a “real” movie made in additional reality we expect appears pretty soon.