100 days for experiolation

In fact, we lose our curiosity year by year, things become usual, nothing surprise us as it was before. In my 30's I learn less, checking weird or interesting things less, rarely expecting any changes. I am simply getting bored.

When I am losing my inspiration I have no idea what to photograph or draw, what to work on. There should be a new breath coming into my life and no one but myself is responsible for that.

Here I am starting my new experience/exploration challenge. For 100 days I will live my life differently. Each day I will do/make/see/experience/feel something new, that I have never tried before. By sharing my experience with you I will get more motivation and you could probably find something interesting for yourself out of my discoveries.

So let's kill my laziness and go! 


I don't really like museums. Since I moved to Amsterdam I didn't check all of them. For the first day I choose the one I always skipped before - Tropen museum. It's not the one you will fall in love with, but you can get a bit inspired by all those masks, small metal devices and ancient statues. My choice was a hornbill bird from Indonesian part. 

red_knobbed_hornbill_by_dkbarto-d33n29f _before.jpg

Conclusion: if there is nothing else to do - go there for a short tour. Take a sketch book with you and don't spend time for "interactive" parts.