100 days for Experiolation. Day N. Sail Amsterdam 2015

Since everything was going on around one single event for 5 days in a row, I used a possibility to experiment with shooting options there. Amsterdam's Ij was full of boats and tall ships. It looked impressive and challenging at the same time. To check spots I used the simplest 50mm lens.  


My first try was to shoot from a boat being on a water. Quite shaking, quite dark. But I also had a perfect point of view. 

The next day I had an extra long lens experience. Now I definitely know what does 150-600mm mean. 

Shooting from a crane was also included into my agenda. A shaky position was accompanied by other people in front of me and foggy horizon. It was a short few minute's experience. 

and of course fireworks. The last one I made really far from the spot (Amsterdam Noord) with 70-200mm.