100 DAYS FOR EXPERIOLATION. DAY N. Bring to light.

In my non-stop hunting for something new and adorable, more than just updated, something that triggers me to make special things that have been never seen before, I decided to stop for a while just to have a look back into the roots.

I’ve been to some dusty archives before, but I never felt any special sympathy to any of those antiques. I always thought that our daily lives go so fast that there is no reason to look back, since everything you are looking for is only in front of you and never behind.

However, researching means digging deeper. And how impressed I was while  holding super old anatomy and medical books in my hands with all those etchings and gravures, detailed and somehow really hilarious drawings. Such a fantasy is realized in the illustrations. 

And Fabritius, of course, he is just great. Good to recognize more than just his ‘Goldfinch'. 

At De Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam