EXPERIOLATION by Kateryna Snizhko



The series “Debris" is an observation of artistic trash, leftovers and waste as a result of artistic practice and a process of creation. 

In this experiment, I made a series of photographs based on my investigation and reconsideration of the artistic waste. With a philosophical approach I went all way from materiality to intangible notions such as waste of ideas and waste of time. 

The main material in this research is a test print from the risography workshop, used and reused in different variations such as momentary collages, new materials, recycled paper, sculptures etc. 


I need your help. Florina


Archived notes in different languages found in several countries.

These are not just images, but artefacts: they inherit a personality, privacy, gender, addresses and phones, personal preferences, social affiliation (diversity), and even sexual dialogues. 

By appropriating someone’s individual memories I also access the energy of the pieces, which I convert into a sound using a specially created algorithm. 

As water has an ability to memorize vibrations, I transferred the music into the water drops.  I received a visualization of the information in the frozen samples.

in the dark silence 


Installation at Smart Illumination Yokohama 2017, Japan



A coincidence is an occasion when two or more similar things happen at the same time, especially in a way that is unlikely and surprising, in other words, it is a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances that have no apparent causal connection with one another.

In my investigation of the coincidentology in the imagery, I am using the experience of coincidental creation. The series was made as a result of the computational malfunction that occurred during photo editing. 




TINI (from Ukrainian “shadows") is a three-dimensional collage of memory traces retained and revived. The installation comprises the outlines of photographs, shadows and whispering, brought together as an act of reminiscence.

The infinite script


“The infinite script”  is an alternative way to look at a human being. It is an uncommon representation of a nature and specifics of mental and behavioural algorithms. This work is an attempt to visualise a functioning organism as a mechanism supplemented with a human intelligence that uses algorithms. The visibility of the algorithms is created by a computational language and visual information, which are united in one endless artistic research. 

A self-development of an artist is a key point of this audible script. It has been performed as a visual monologue of the artist together with the video projection.


Printed reflections


The book is available at Anzenberger Gallery bookshop