TINI installation

TINI (from Ukrainian word ‘shadows’) is a three-dimensional collage of memory traces retained and revived. The installation comprises the outlines of photographs, shadows, whispering and animated projections, brought together as an act of reminiscence.

One of the major lessons of memory research has been that human memory is fallible, imprecise, and subject to interference. It can be easily destroyed if left as an abandoned place. Without renovation, the memory image is changing and fading.

Thus, while working with the idea of abandoned memories I am showing the shadows as the last stage of the memory image destruction. There is a long way from the photographs to their outlines, from the outlines to shadows.

The audience is involved into an active play around a collage of different images, where they create the shadows themselves using phone flashlights. I invite the viewer to evoke the memory shadows without me placing the spotlight.

This project was supported by 3Doodler .